Regain That Sense Of Hope...

  • Feeling a sense of relief in knowing what to eat and knowing you're nourishing your body
  • Reducing stress and learning strategies to better manage it
  • Feeling confident in knowing what supplements to take to best support your body
  • Feeling supported and encouraged throughout your journey 
  • Learning how to get your body to its optimal hormonal health through whole foods

The 8-Week Baby Body Program Difference...

# 1: Personalized Plans
No two people are the same. You are a unique individual with your own needs and wants.  The Fertile Beginnings Program will assess your goals and current state of health to ensure we are working towards the healthiest version of you! No cookie cutter plans here! 

# 2: Values the Body as a Whole

Fertility struggles can be a good indicator that something is not balanced properly in the body. We will address all areas necessary, not just the reproductive system, to improve your quality of health and rebalance the body for the best results!
# 3: Focus on Education
The Fertile Beginnings Program was created to provide all clients with an understanding of how nutrition and lifestyle habits impact your fertility. Each week you will learn and understand key aspects of nutrition that will motivate you to change your habits. Like Oprah always says, “When you know better, you do better.”

The Fertile Beginnings Program is for YOU if you…

  • Want to improve your health for fertility
  • Are interested in focusing on eating foods that are health promoting
  • Need to start balancing your hormones
  • Want to stop wasting time and money on useless supplements by learning which ones are necessary and functional
  • Need to improve stress management
  • Want to implement easy to follow nutrition strategies
  • Desire a sense of hope and empowerment on your fertility journey
  • Want a list of delicious and healthful recipes that make food enjoyable
  • Desire the best possible start at life for your little human
  • Want accountability and constant support

Our lives can get so busy with balancing work, home life, social life, doctors appointments and everything else that gets in the way. Our health can seem to take a back seat until it’s almost too late. It seems like eating nutritiously is getting harder and more confusing with every new article you read.

Can I have beef, coffee, red wine or chocolate? What about fish? How much is too much?

Not really sure which foods are actually healthy for you anymore? Not sure how what you're eating is affecting your fertility? All of your questions will be answered each week as we work together to get your body baby ready.

The Baby Body Program Includes:

  • Eight weeks of support and accountability
  • Six 30 minute calls to implement changes and answer questions
  • Unlimited email support for any questions and concerns that come up
  • 'Ready, Set, Go' emails two times a week designed to keep you motivated and on task with quick tips and recipes
  • One-on-one support to help balance your body systems and improve your fertility
  • Clarification on which supplements and brands to be taking
  • Tips and methods for reducing stress


Make no mistake about it… this is NOT a quick fix where you will be deprived of your favorite foods, feel socially ostracized and be eating chicken breast and broccoli morning, noon and night.
I give you the tools you need PLUS ongoing support, motivation and ACCOUNTABILITY.  

It takes a minimum of 3 months for the changes you are making to impact your fertility health. There is no time like now to start.  Join me and let's try something new!

Ready To Get Started?

Fertile Beginnings Program

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I look forward to working with you and helping you get your body baby ready!


Katie Kahvo